Stirring up good policy

What is your view of what the City of Toronto should be doing? Does it include supporting healthy food and good food jobs as an important city service?

There are many areas in which policy change is possible at the municipal level. The Toronto Food Strategy represents many areas in which the City of Toronto is in progress to make significant change. Citizens of Toronto support the Strategy, and are expressing their hope for its adoption by the new Council.

For a visual of food connections and good food ideas at the municipal and provincial levels, check out 25 Food Connections to the City of Toronto and the Ontario Good Food Map

Food Forward and with Toronto food leaders identified several priority areas in which change is needed, and we spoke to Mayoral and Council candidates in the last election about these priorities. Keep up the dialogue with your new Councillor and Mayor.

Policies for change include the need to providing access to healthy, food in all neighbourhoods, helping us grow with urban agriculture and supporting a creative economy:

Fostering a food forward environment 1. Plan for neighbourhood food access 2. Provide public land for urban agriculture and make it easier to start 3. Say yes to bake ovens, markets and community gardens in parks Support community food initiatives 1. Supply grants for good food projects in City neighbourhoods 2. Maintain and increase support for community food animators 3. Help create another community food centre in Toronto Create local food jobs 1. Make Toronto's neighbourhoods culinary destinations 2. Support the Toronto food business incubator 3. Purchase food from local, sustainable farmers

School board candidates were asked about food, because of its importance in our education system and the place of schools in our communities. Ask your trustee about enhancing school grounds with gardens, food literacy in the classroom and partnering with educational food programs in Toronto.